CP Gretna Subdivision

The Bunge facility in Altona, Manitoba
The Bunge facility in Altona, Manitoba

The CP Gretna subdivision runs from Rosenfeld, MB to Altona, MB. This is a short Manitoba branch line serving the town of Altona. Gretna is shown below for historical reasons; the track ends just south of Altona.

The only customer on the Gretna subdivision is the large Bunge facility in Altona. CP serves this facility several times a week out of Winnipeg, usually with a pair of locomotives.

Junction with CP La Riviere subdivision
7.5End of track
Grain elevator

The maximum speed limit on the CP Gretna subdivision is 25 MPH. The maximum car tonnage is 286,000 lbs., with speed restrictions on cars greater than 268,000 lbs.

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