CP La Riviere Subdivision

The CP La Riviere subdivision runs from Winnipeg, MB to Morden, MB. This is a Manitoba branch line serving mostly grain customers.

There are customers on the first few miles of the subdivision that are served frequently by local trains. The rest of the subdivision gets service a few times a week.

Winnipeg yard
Junction with CP Carberry subdivision
5.2Crossing of CN Rivers subdivision
7.4Lafarge / KleysenCustomer yards
16.4La Salle
Grain elevator
Grain elevator
Cargill grain elevator
41.6Paterson elevator5 tracks
Junction with CP Gretna subdivision
63.8Plum Coulee
Grain elevator
74.3Viterra grain elevator4 tracks
Grain elevator
80.3End of CP Track
CP 2325 at the La Salle grain elevator, September 2019
CP 2325 at the La Salle grain elevator, September 2019

The maximum speed limit on the CP La Riviere subdivision is 30 MPH. The maximum car tonnage is 286,000 lbs., with speed restrictions on cars greater than 268,000 lbs.
The subdivision is under the Occupancy Control System (OCS) between mile 4.0 and the Morden station name sign. The track between the Morden station name sign and the end of CP track at mile 80.3 is non-main track (“rule 105”).

At Morden CP interchanges with the Boundary Trail Railway Company, a shortline operating from Binney Corners to Morden.

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