PCS Potash Courtenay Bay

Potasco has a wharf in Saint John where they load potash onto ships. The potash is brought by CN from Sussex.

It has a long yard outside the wharf, typically full of potash cars, and a loading facility near the wharf. It is on the same branch line as the former Lantic sugar refinery.

Potasco owns one locomotive, #1600. It was built by EMD in December 1950 as a GP8 as P&LE 5618. In 1968 it became Penn Central 5618, and became Conrail GP7 5618 in 1976. In January 1979 it was acquired by A.A. Merrilees (numbered Conrail 5437) and Potasco bought it in August 1994. It was photographed by Bob Boudreau in Saint John on August 23 1994. In late 2003 it received new paint while at IRSI in Moncton.

Potasco's locomotive, Saint John
The new paint scheme. Photo by Bob Boudreau. Used with permission.
Potasco's locomotive, Saint John
Potasco’s engine in the loading shed. When not in use the locomotive is kept here.
As delivered
The old paint scheme, as delivered in August 1994. Photo by Bob Boudreau. Used with permission.