PCS Potash New Brunswick – Penobsquis

PCS New Brunswick owns a potash mine in Penobsquis, outside Sussex. The product from the mine is taken by CN to Saint John to the Potasco wharf.

It has a fairly sizable yard at the plant that connects to the CN main line outside Sussex.

PCS New Brunswick acquired a “new” locomotive, number 92-019 in early April 2006. It is an SW900, formerly Canac 400, and formerly CN 7253 before that.

Previous to that, they owned one locomotive, a GE 70-ton locomotive #18 built by GE in September 1950. As of May 2006 it was still on the property.

Potcan Potash's locomotive, Penobsquis. Photo by Tim Dryden.
Their locomotive at the plant. Photo by Tim Dryden.


Photo by Tim Dryden.
Another view. Photo by Tim Dryden.


A view of the yard
A view of the yard and facility from the end of the line.


Long-distance photo
A long-distance photo of the switcher.


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