NB Southern Railway Roster

GMTX 2226EMDGP38-3LeasedGMTX 2233EMDGP38-2Leased
GMTX 2639EMDGP38-3LeasedGMTX 2644EMDGP38-2Leased
GMTX 2645EMDGP38-3LeasedGMTX 2657EMDGP38-2Leased
GMTX 2666EMDGP38-2LeasedHLCX 906EMDGP38-3Leased
HLCX 911EMDGP38-3LeasedHLCX 913EMDGP38-3Leased
HLCX 917EMDGP38-3LeasedNBSR 6200EMDSD40-2Leased
HLCX 6304EMDSD40-2LeasedHLCX 6309EMDSD40-2Leased
NBSR 6315EMDSD40-2LeasedNBSR 6318EMDSD40-2Leased
HLCX 6319EMDSD40-2LeasedNBSR 6332EMDSD40-2Leased
HLCX 6340EMDSD40-2LeasedNBSR 8144EMDSD40-2Leased
NBSR 001GMDHBU-4 SlugPhotosNBSR 008GMDHBU-4 SlugPhotos
Cabooses and Maintenance of Way
79624 CabooseIn CN colours
79635 CaboosePICTURE
422990 CaboosePICTURE
434919 CaboosePICTURE
Passenger Cars
MetisHeavyweightIn CN colours
NB Southern 2318 leads a train through Vespra, NB, August 2008
NB Southern 2318 leads a train through Vespra, NB, August 2008

Roster History

May 1 2012Leased unit GMTX 204Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
April 2012Leased units GMTX 2639 and GMTX 2645Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
April 28 2012Leased unit GMTX 203Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
March 30 2012Leased units HLCX 6315 and HLCX 8144Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
January 11 2012Leased unit HLCX 6200Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
January 9 2012Leased unit HLCX 6318Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
July 27 2011Leased units HLCX 913 and HLCX 917 (ex-UP 913 and 917)Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
July 8 2011Leased units HLCX 906 and HLCX 911 (ex-UP 906 and 911)Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick
June 2011NBSR 9801 relettered as Maine Northern 9801Maine
July 3 2009NBSR slug 008 went on first main line tripSaint John to McAdam
May 2008Ex-CN slug 519 (becomes NBSR 008)Arrived in Saint John
February 2007NBSR 2610 and NBSR 2612 (ex-CIC 110 and 112)Arrive in New Brunswick
Fall 2006CIC 110 and 112Purchased
Fall 2006NBSR 3700Retired, engine to NBSR 9803
Fall 2005HLCX 3669Off lease
November 2003ex-SCR 226 (now NBSR 2317)Purchased
October 2003ex-SCR 216 and 225 (now NBSR 2318 and 2319)Purchased
Late 2003ex-CDAC 40, HATX 175, 176, 416 and 420, BAR 300, 301, 302, HLCX 3610, 3612, 3680Off lease
Spring 2002Caboose NBSR 79635Acquired from CN
2001GP9E 3735, 3744, 3757, 3760, 3764, 3787, and 3788Returned
2001ex-CDAC 40, HATX 175, 176, 416 and 420, ex-BAR 300, 301, 302, HLCX 3610, 3612, 3680Leased
July 1998Ex Southern Pacific GP35 6577 (remanufactured into GP38-3 9803)Purchased
June 1998Ex Southern Pacific GP35 6639 (remanufactured into GP38-3 9802)Purchased
May 1998Ex Southern Pacific GP35 6674 (remanufactured into GP38-3 9801)Purchased
1998GP9E NBSR 3795 to Great Western Railway, ColoradoReturned
1996Ex Contrail SW1200’s 9372 and 9347 (renumbered to 3702 and 3703) from MerrileesPurchased
1996CP 8021 and 8024Returned
December 1995Ex Southern Pacific GP9E’s 3735, 3744, 3757 and 3795 via OmnitraxLeased
Fall 1995Ex Southern Pacific GP9E’s 3760, 3764, 3787 and 3788 via OmnitraxLeased
Mid 1995NBSR retains only RS-23’s 8021 and 8024 from CPReturned
April? 1995Ex QNS&L GP9’s 133 and 167 (renumbered to 3700 and 3701) from MerrileesPurchased
April 1995Ex C&NW GP7’s (4279, 4280, 4282, 4463) from RailLinkLeased
January 1995NBSR leased 10 locomotives from CP (SW1200RSs 1273-1275, RS-18us 1813 and 1866, RS-23 8024, 8025, 8033, 8040, SW1200RS 8138)Leased

Roster updated with information from Trackside Guides and personal observations. Some of the history may be incomplete.

NB Southern’s own locomotives are painted in an attractive green with yellow trim. The former leased locomotives were painted in a variety of colours, usually from the previous owner’s colour scheme.


Saint John provides several opportunities for railfanning the NB Southern. There is a bridge overlooking the eastern entrance to their yard; one can see the rolling stock and (in the distance) the engine house. You can also see trains exiting the western entrance. During the day, one can occasionally see a train running between NB Southern’s yard and CN’s Island YardMcAdam also provides opportunities to view NB Southern action.