Two Red Trains Meeting

Two red trains meeting
Wintry freezing afternoon
Numb fingers, warm heart

Southward train, mixed freight
Four engines, lifeless and cold
Trail behind crazy eights.

Switch is against them
Conductor braves the fierce cold
Sets the record straight

Northbound train, mostly oil
Stuck on the sidelines for now
Now time to escape

Smoking and rumbling
Long gloss black snake tail trailing
Steel monster heads north

A foreign surprise!
Black thoroughbred, trails behind
Grungy red leader

Four thousand horses
Give or take, on twelve steel wheels
Pull with all their might

Cold railfan happy
Gear away, head home, satisfied
Numb fingers, warm heart

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  1. Just to let you know; when I fire up my laptop and go online, it is your site that loads as my default. Love the picture and stories!


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