2021 Calendar Update

I’ve been contemplating offering one or two 2021 calendars, featuring trains and/or grain elevators. I polled my mailing list and blog readers, and the results are here. People were most interested in large train calendars, but there was enough interest in any case for me to proceed.

I ordered one large grain elevator calendar. After a little over a week, it arrived, and I am happy with how it looks. It is big, with lots of space for writing appointments and such. The paper quality is good and the photos printed well. It is 12″ x 16″ closed. You can see it in this quick video:

Demonstration of 2021 Manitoba Grain Elevator calendar

The problem is that it is BIG and costs an arm and a leg to mail. Canada Post will mail it for about $18 per calendar ($18.01 to Canada and $17.76 to the US), which is not a lot less than the price I would charge for the calendar itself. It costs this much because it has to be mailed as a parcel.

I believe a 9″x12″ wall calendar can be shipped as a large envelope, which should be just under $6 to Canada.

Here are the photos in the calendars.

Train Calendar Photos

Photos in the 2021 Canadian Trains calendar

Grain Elevator Calendar Photos

Photos in the 2021 Manitoba Grain Elevators calendar

What I’m Going To Do

I’m going to collect orders for four different styles of calendars:

  • Large train calendar
  • Regular train calendar
  • Large grain elevator calendar
  • Regular grain elevator calendar

If I get more than five (5) orders for a particular style by the reservation deadline below, I’ll collect the money and have a batch printed and mail them. If I get more than zero but less than five orders for a particular style, I’ll contact the people and offer them alternatives.

I won’t collect any funds until after the reservation deadline.

Sounds fair? OK.

The Prices

  • Regular size calendar, shipped to Canada: $25.00 (Cdn)
  • Regular size calendar, shipped to US: $30.00 (Cdn) – this is a guess!
  • Large size calendar, shipped to Canada: $43.00 (Cdn)
  • Large size calendar, shipped to US: $43.00 (Cdn)

I don’t actually know the real postage costs for regular size calendars, so I priced it based on a heavy calendar. If the postage cost is less than I think it is, I will charge you less.

How to Order

  1. The reservation deadline is the end of November 1, 2020.
  2. Email me at steve@traingeek.ca to tell me what calendar(s) you want. Please use the subject line “Calendar order”.
  3. Please tell me if you want a regular or large calendar, and whether you want a train or grain elevator calendar. Feel free to reserve more than one!
  4. Please tell me what country it will be shipped to.

I will collect the orders until the reservation deadline. At that point, I will determine which calendars to print and contact people accordingly as described above.

At that point I will be asking for payment. I prefer e-transfer but will also accept PayPal. I could grudgingly accept cheques but I’d rather not. Don’t send money now!

Any Questions?

Any questions? Leave a comment or email me!

2 thoughts on “2021 Calendar Update”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Great project! I’m surprised that shipping to the USA is less expensive than shipping to Canada “($18.01 to Canada and $17.76 to the US)”. Is that price is USD?

    Does the price above including shipping? If so, would it be possible to combine shipping if we order more than I calendar?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Patrice, surprisingly it is slightly cheaper to ship the giant calendars to the US.

      The price above includes shipping. If you want more than one, let me know in your email. My intention is to charge actual shipping costs, so we can certainly combine shipping.


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