A Few Minutes in Schreiber

On our way back from Toronto in late August 2021, we stopped in Schreiber, Ontario for a few photos.

Schreiber was once a busy division point, with a roundhouse, turntable, coal tower and all the amenities needed to service a fleet of steam locomotives. That is all gone now, and what remains is a rail yard and a small museum.

CP 6229 and 5976 in Schreiber, Ontario
CP 6229 and 5976 in Schreiber, Ontario

The yard itself was practically empty when we passed through. I should have grabbed a shot from the yard “throat” but I didn’t.

There were two locomotives in the yard, CP 6229 and 5976, sitting near a work train.

I spent a few minutes photographing the outside of the Schreiber Railway Museum. This attractive little museum has a locomotive, a passenger car and a boxcar on display together with interpretive displays.

Locomotive on display
CP 6539 in Schreiber, ON

The locomotive on display is CP 6539.

The museum has a nice building – which was closed when we were there – and from their web site, I can see they have a number of artefacts on display.

Railway museum
Part of the display

They have a boxcar painted in CP maroon. The lettering underneath the paint indicates that this used to be CP 58552.