Review: Translation State

I was really excited to read Ann Leckie’s new novel, “Translation State“, and I was not disappointed. It met my high expectations and then some. My Amazon links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you purchase something using those links, at no extra cost to you. Ann is well known for … Read more

Review: Dominion Atlantic Railway

The book “Dominion Atlantic Railway” by Gary Ness is a must-read for anyone interested in Nova Scotia railway history, or indeed Canadian railway history. Gary’s extensive research shines through in this lavishly illustrated book.

Review: The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers is a book by Daniel de Visé about the movie of the same name, and the band, and its two founders, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. Mostly, though, it’s about the comedic, talented and self-destructive force that was John Belushi. It’s chock full of detail, from the obtuse to the titillating. The … Read more

Review: The Empire Builder

Title screen for documentary "The Empire Builder" showing a photo of James J. Hill

“The Empire Builder“ is a new four-part documentary on James J. Hill, the founder of the Great Northern Railway and a huge figure in the history of railroads in the northwestern USA (and parts of Canada). I was recently offered a chance to view the documentary. So far I’ve watched two of the four parts … Read more

Book Review: Trains of Newfoundland

Trains of Newfoundland book cover

I had high expectations for Trains of Newfoundland, the fourth book by Kenneth G. Pieroway on railways in Newfoundland. I’m happy to say that my expectations were met and exceeded. This beautiful 122 page book features a foreword by Robert J. Sandusky, a preface, a map and a condensed timeline, but the vast majority of … Read more