Book Review: Streetcars of St. John’s

The book “Streetcars of St. John’s” is the third “before and after” book from author Kenneth G. Pieroway. Following on his excellent Rails Across the Rock and Rails Around the Rock books, this book features the streetcars that once ran in Newfoundland’s capital city, St. John’s. The Amazon links are affiliate links, meaning that I … Read more

Book Review: The Ontario Northland Railway

Ontario Northland Railway Cover

The book “The Ontario Northland Railway” by Patrick C. Dorin is an excellent snapshot of the ONR in the mid 1980s. Written by the prolific Dr. Dorin, this book is an affectionate look at the railway that runs from Toronto to Moosonee. The book is divided into four major sections: History of the ONR and … Read more

Akaso EK7000 4K Sports Camera Review

For a few years, I’ve been using my “old” Canon T1i as my go-to video camera when I’m in the field. The quality is good, but the T1i doesn’t do 4K video and its on/off switch is balky. I wanted something better. Enter the Akaso EK7000. This tiny camera is a powerhouse, with 4K video … Read more

Book Review: My Life With Trains

I’ll be honest – I didn’t know who Jim McClellan was. Now I feel like I know who he was, and I’m sorry that he’s gone. I saw a recommendation somewhere (TRAINS magazine? Amazon? not sure) for this autobiography, My Life With Trains, so I asked for it for my birthday. I really enjoyed reading … Read more

Book Review: Locomotives of Western Canada

The title of Mike Danneman’s new book, “Locomotives of Western Canada“, really caught my eye, since I live in western Canada! I was initially disappointed when I realized that by “western” he really meant “Alberta and British Columbia”. That disappointment faded page by page as I enjoyed every gorgeous photo of trains in beautiful mountain … Read more

Book Review: Self-Propelled Cars of the CNR

I recently read the book “Self-Propelled Cars of the CNR: Endurance, Economy and speed” by Anthony Clegg. This book says it is “an illustrated history of the vehicles that helped to keep railway passenger service alive”. Background Passenger service used to be a large part of railways’ business. They went to great lengths to provide … Read more