Here are some details on the two Canadians I rode on July 4, 2022 between Winnipeg and Sioux Lookout, and the CN trains we met along the way. You may want to refer to the CN Redditt subdivision listing for locations.

Even train numbers are going east, odd-numbered trains are going west.


  • Locomotives 6406, 6440
  • Baggage 8616
  • Coaches 8125, 8129 (latter is refurbished)
  • Skyline 8501
  • Diner Palliser
  • Skyline 8507
  • Sleepers Rogers Manor, Fraser Manor, Cabot Manor, Laird Manor, Burton Manor, Bayfield Manor, Craig Manor, Bliss Manor, Allan Manor
  • Skyline 8517
  • Diner Imperial
  • Chateau Roberval
  • Chateau Dollard, Chateau Maisonneuve (Prestige cars)
  • Laurentide Park (Prestige car)


  • Locomotives 6445, 6426
  • Baggage 8608
  • Coaches 8106, 8119
  • Skyline 8509
  • Diner Fairholme
  • Skyline 8500
  • Sleepers Draper Manor, Draper Manor, Sherwood Manor …
  • I did not record the rest of the train

Trains Met Going East

0259: Stopped at Panet Road in Winnipeg. An eastbound intermodal train passed us on the south track.

0324: Still stopped at Panet Road. CN 2291 led an eastbound freight “with a lot of lumber” past us.

0432: Rolling through Transcona Yard. CN 8xxx was leading a westbound train through the yard, and CN 3172 was on the point of another intermodal in the yard.

0515: Stopped at Dugald. CN 2298 led a general freight train westward past us at 0517. There was a crane on a flatcar a few cars behind the locomotives.

CN 2298 West at Dugald
CN 2298 West at Dugald

0725: Somewhere around mile 145, CN 3080 East waited to allow us to go ahead. It had CN 2882 on the tail end, seen first. You can tell it’s on the tail end because it is showing a red light rather than a headlight. On this type of locomotive, the red light is mounted on the frame just above the ditch lights.

CN 2882 was on the tail end of an intermodal train in the siding
CN 2882 was on the tail end of an intermodal train in the siding
CN 3080 recedes as we race past it on the main line
CN 3080 recedes as we race past it on the main line

0856: CN 3082 West was “in the hole” at MCINTOSH (?), with CN 293x behind it. The crew was on the ground to give us a rollby inspection.

The crew is on the ground to give VIA 2 a rollby inspection
The crew is on the ground to give VIA 2 a rollby inspection

Sioux Lookout

1150: CN 3080 & CN 2882 followed us into Sioux Lookout and stopped on the passing track, with CN 2882 near the station.

CN 2882 by the Sioux Lookout train station
CN 2882 by the Sioux Lookout train station

1308: CN 3911 West rolled in on the main track, pausing in Sioux Lookout for about 10 minutes before continuing west. We would follow this train into Winnipeg.

CN 3911 passing the Sioux Lookout train station
CN 3911 passing the Sioux Lookout train station

Trains Met Going West

In the hole at CN Richan
In the hole at CN Richan

1512: We took the siding at RICHAN for an eastbound train, led by CN 8834, 2259 and another locomotive. Our engine crew dismounted to give them a rollby inspection.

CN 8834 passing us
CN 8834 passing us

1602: We passed a maintenance crew at QUIBELL. They were on the main and we ran around them through the siding.

Maintenance machines at QUIBELL
Maintenance machines at QUIBELL

1949: We met a stopped east-facing CN train at Panet Road in Winnipeg, with CN 3895 on the head end. The crew were out for the rollby!

Passing one last train
Passing one last train

Coming Soon

I plan to write two more posts about my experience riding the Canadian:

  • Bridges and tunnels of the CN Redditt subdivision
  • Food onboard the Canadian

Stay tuned!

Just One More Thing

I’ve been reading a lot recently. Here are a few mini-reviews. Keep in mind that I earn a small commission from Amazon if you purchase anything via the links below, at no additional cost to you.

  • You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism, by Amber Ruffin. This is an amusing yet alarming collection of stories told as a conversation between Black sisters Lacey and Amber. Lacey has worked in a variety of jobs and she’s encountered a startling variety of racism in her career and life. I liked this book a lot. It shows the casual racism present in America* but it is a funny book, which allows you to experience the depressing reality of racism without being too depressed. Recommended. (* this book is about America but we have lots of racism in Canada, too)
  • Over the Hills to Georgian Bay: The Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway, by Niall MacKay. This is a really interesting book about an important early railway in Ontario. I liked the detailed history of the railway, coupled with the “today” photos of the former railway line.
  • Leopard Tanks in Action, by Jill Marc Münstermann and Thomas Antonsen. As a military nut, I enjoyed this book about the Leopard 1 and 2 tanks and their use in places like Bosnia, Syria and Afghanistan. The book is extremely detailed and provides a lot of insight into this powerful weapon system. It is translated from German so there are a few language oddities, but it is quite readable. I read this as an eBook via Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. Great photos! Reminds me how nice it is to ride the Canadian. Any train ride is great but the Canadian is special!

  2. What would you say is the speed in open track with the CANADIAN. I rode it twice to Vancouver and back it was a beautiful trip in both types of class.

    • Hi Richard, I clocked it at a little over 60 MPH at one stretch by counting mileboards with a stopwatch. In most cases it wasn’t going that fast, but we were considerably faster going west when we weren’t following a train and just knocking down clear signals.

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