Ed Bowes

I was very sorry to hear that Ed Bowes died on September 12. He was a big part of the Salem & Hillsborough Railroad and he will be missed.

Ed was born in Halifax in 1942. I am not sure what his profession was during his working years but I know he was involved with the S&H Railroad from the start. He was passionate about trains.

He was a very frequent volunteer and would often be the conductor on the passenger trains. I don’t remember ever seeing him as an engineer but at times he would pitch in to flag crossings as seen in the photo above. He usually wrote up the orders for the trains and I have a binder full of orders with his distinctive printing style.

Ed often had a smile on his face, and he was easy to spot with his distinctive full head of white hair. He was always kind and supportive to me when I came to volunteer.

I understand he had been unwell for some time and spent a lot of time in hospital last year. He’ll be missed.

You can read his obituary here.

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  1. Steve –
    Edward was the field Accountant – Auditor for the Feed Mills owned or managed by CIL of Montreal in NB – NS – PEI – He served as the volunteer Treasurer of the S & H and NB Division of the CRHA for many years in addittion to his full time job – He spent most of his time off at the railroad and was an inspiration to many over the years.


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