TrainStation 2

The mobile game TrainStation 2 by Pixel Federations is a fun strategy game where you explore new regions and participate in competitions. I like it because it has a lot of strategy in it and you can play at your own pace.

You start out in the Britain map at level 1 with a limited selection of locomotives. As you complete jobs, you earn experience points (XP), gems, and keys that you can cash in to try to get more locomotives. Once you level up enough with XP, the next map (Germany) is unlocked and you start again. There are nine maps or regions in total.

This video provides an overview of the game.

There are frequent events with special maps that only exist for the duration of the event. During the event, there are short duration competitions where you compete against other players for “event coins” that can be spent in a shop.

This video describes how the events work:

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I wrote a review of TrainStation 2.

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