Gems in TrainStation 2

Gems are a type of currency in TrainStation 2, and they are very useful in the game. You can do quite a bit with gems:

  • Expand your factories’ queue space
  • Finish building materials in your factories instantly
  • Get more dispatchers
  • Finish your train’s journey instantly
  • Complete building upgrades instantly
  • Buy missing materials

Basically, gems are the way you get the game to “finish this”.

How Can You Get More Gems?

You can watch this video to learn more, or read below.

How to get Gems in TrainStation 2

There are no “cheat codes” for gems that I am aware of.

There are really only a few ways that you can get more gems in the game.

  1. Buy them from the store (with real money)
  2. Buying gems through special offers (with real money)
  3. Do jobs that offer gems
  4. Special event rewards
  5. Daily rewards
  6. Game achievements

Buying Gems From The Store

In the game’s store, you can buy gems with real money. The game offers several packages at different price points. Be aware you are spending actual dollars (or other currencies) on this.

Buying Gems Through Special Offers

Similarly, there are special offers that come up now and then in the store. These offers usually bundle gems with locomotive parts, but they do cost real money.

Do Jobs That Offer Gems

Occasionally you will see jobs in your job list that offer gems as a reward. These jobs are usually long duration – 4 or 8 hours are common – but they are very worthwhile to do so you can earn gems. I will send trains for these jobs just before I go to bed so the long job duration isn’t so bad.

You should definitely do as many of these jobs as the game offers.

Special Event Rewards

TrainStation 2 runs special events periodically. There is usually a “reward track” that gives you different items as you collect more event points by doing jobs. Gems are usually on the reward track, so you can earn gems by doing special event jobs. Some of these can be quite generous, and are usually doubled by watching an ad.

Daily Rewards

Each day you play, you get a daily reward. There are six (?) different rewards and one of them is 10 gems, which you can double by watching an ad.


The game will give you gems after you complete certain achievements, like Train Dealer (sell X trains) or Train Hoarder (own X types of trains). You can see these achievements by clicking on your headquarters and selecting Achievements from the menu at the bottom. The number of gems received depends on the achievement and how far you have progressed in the achievement.


That’s how you can get gems in TrainStation 2 – pay for them, or do jobs!

Have fun!

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4 thoughts on “Gems in TrainStation 2”

  1. Just so you know, you can now get gems by completing achievements in game. To access them, go to your station, then click headquarters (building to the right of the giant station building), then click achievements. It should give a list of achievements that you can do for a gem reward, but the rewards can be pretty low. For me it’s an average of about 4 gems.
    Also I believe you can also get Gems from Daily Rewards.

    • Hi Gabe, yes you can get gems from achievements. I’ll add that. You can’t really work toward that explicitly but they do happen.

      You get gems from Daily Rewards once every 6 days I think.


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