How to Get More Dispatchers in TrainStation 2

You need dispatchers in the TrainStation 2 game to send trains on jobs. Everyone wants to send as many trains as possible, so how do you get more dispatchers? Read on!

There are several ways:

  1. Level up!
  2. Use “Harry”
  3. Use gems to “rent” more

Level Up

You start with 3 dispatchers when you begin the game, and as you level up, you get more dispatchers.

The game offers you the chance to get dispatchers “early” by spending gems – often a lot – or you can wait and spend a pile of materials to get the dispatchers. The table below shows the “gem unlock level” where you can get a dispatcher early, or the “player level” where you have to deliver materials to get a dispatcher.

Player LevelGem Unlock LevelDispatchers
Dispatcher Levels in TrainStation 2

Use Harry

There is one dispatcher, “Harry”, who you can get for an hour by watching an ad. You should take advantage of this – and him? – by watching the ad whenever it’s offered to you. Harry has a 6 hour cooldown period so you can only use him every now and then.

Use Gems

You always have the option to use gems to “rent” more dispatchers. There are three dispatchers you can rent, Lisa, Matt and Thomas. You can rent each one for either 24 hours (1 day) or 7 days for different numbers of gems. You must rent them in order – Lisa first, then Matt if you choose, then Thomas.

Dispatcher24h Gems7d Gems
Dispatcher gem costs in TrainStation 2


This video explains how to get dispatchers in TrainStation 2.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get More Dispatchers in TrainStation 2”

  1. I have reached the maximum number of dispatchers at level 11. now, there appears a new button to buy extra dispatchers, next to the original button for dispatchers. How do I use those „extras“?

    • Hi Martin, beyond the “freebie” Harry that you get for an hour, you can use gems to “rent” Lisa and Matt and so forth. At level 15 you will have the opportunity to buy the next permanent dispatcher using gems.


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