Train Station 2: Rail Strategy Review

I’ve been spending way too much time playing Train Station 2: Rail Strategy on my phone. It’s a lot of fun. I wanted to share a bit about it here. I’m not being compensated in any way for writing about it. I just like the game.

I recorded a walkthrough video for it if you’d like to view that.

This is a strategy game where you gather resources by train, combine them in factories to make manufactured goods, then deliver them by train again. It’s not a train simulator by any means – more like FarmVille on rails. But it has TRAINS.

The Trains

Union Pacific GTEL Locomotive
Union Pacific GTEL Locomotive

You start out in Britain with a steam engine and George Stephenson giving you missions. As you finish the missions, you get rewards and more missions. There are other people / destinations that want materials shipped to them, and you get rewards for shipping to them as well.

You can get new locomotives by finishing certain missions. Initially there are only steam locomotives, but over time diesel and electric locomotives become available as well.

Locomotives are also classified by their rarity – common, rare, epic or legendary. Some examples:

  • Class A-1 “Berkshire” or New York Central “Hudson” are COMMON
  • DRG Class 44 or Erie K-5A are RARE
  • Union Pacific’s gas turbine-electric “Veranda” or SŽD EMCH 3 are EPIC
  • Baldwin’s 60000 steam loco is LEGENDARY

Improving the Trains

You get shipments of what looks like nuts and bolts daily, and you can also buy or find them. These can be assigned to improving your locomotives’ pulling capacity.


Jobs in Train Station 2
Jobs in Train Station 2

The game offers you missions, or as it calls them, “jobs”. Basically you have to deliver a certain amount of a certain good to them. There’s no time limit, but some jobs require a certain type of locomotive. You can see in the screen shot above that a couple of jobs have no “suitable trains” meaning that I didn’t have any free locomotives of the right type (epic).

The Factories

Factories in Train Station 2
Factories in Train Station 2

You start with the smelting plant (which takes ore and coal and makes steel). As you increase in levels, more factories are available. For example, the sawmill produces lumber at the start and later can produce barrels, plywood and pallets.

The iron mill in Train Station 2
The iron mill in Train Station 2

Each factory has a few spaces where you can queue up things to be made, and the finished products can be stored there temporarily. The image above shows two “incoming” slots and three “outgoing” slots. I’ve expanded it once using gems.

Your Station and Town

The station is just “north” of the tracks in the screen shot above. Oddly all maps lead to the same station, whether you come from England, the US, Canada… it must be one big extradimensional station.

The town surrounds the station. When you begin, it’s quite small, but over time new buildings get unlocked and you can also expand the buildings from tiny shacks into condos and libraries and other buildings. Your population grows, and that’s really one of the goals of the game – expand your population.


The game has a few “currencies”, including coins, but the main accelerator is gems. You can use gems to hurry things along; you can make a train arrive at its destination instantly using gems, or complete production at a factory, or upgrade facilities… gems can do a lot.

Gems can be earned by finishing certain jobs; sometimes you get them when leveling up. You can also purchase gems using real money, which is what the game developers are encouraging you to do. Be frugal with gems and use them when you really need to.


The odd thing is that this game has no social aspect. You can’t collaborate with any friends playing the game. There’s no real connection to Facebook or Twitter or any other social network. There are forums on the Pixel Federation site but that’s about it. It’s a little surprising.

The game has a Facebook page where they share bonus codes and upcoming news. The bonus codes are entered into the game by pressing the “gear” icon in top right and then pressing the “Redeem Code” icon. The bonuses aren’t substantial but every little bit helps.

Walkthrough Video

I recorded a walkthrough video.

Other Videos

Check out my TrainsStation 2 playlist on YouTube!


To Sum Up

I think you can tell that I like this game. It’s something fun to play when you have a few minutes, and it’s just addicting enough to keep you coming back to it. Give it a shot if you like!

Download Train Station 2: Rail Strategy: Apple / iOS

12 thoughts on “Train Station 2: Rail Strategy Review”

  1. I love the lead in picture of what looks like an Amtrak P42 leading a freight train. Someone out there is likely having an aneurysm over this!

  2. I haven’t heard of the game but then I don’t always make enough effort to come out of my technology cave. The game description sounds a lot like the original Sim City which I used to find wildly addictive. That and the equally aged Railroad Tycoon (both were Sid Meyers titles). On Railroad Tycoon I could follow the paths to profitable railroads but my locomotive nostalgia would take over and I was often reluctant to invest in new technology. If the game had included railfans, they’d have been interested I suppose.

    I’ll have to look into this.


    • Hi Chris, I loved Sim City so much… it was super addictive. I never really got into Railroad Tycoon for some reason.

  3. Ok. This game is cool. But I’m having a hard time with the iron mill plant, all my in going and out going spaces are full. How do I fix this? When, I tap on the items. It says warehouse full.

    Thank you Aaron

  4. Hey! Do regions ever run out of jobs? I have Britain 100% done but “medium” level jobs continuously appear. Do they ever stop? Granted you get rewards, but they take a lot of resources and time that could be spent completing other regions. Thanks!

    • You’ll have five jobs at all times, three from your current region and two from random previous regions. There will certainly be times when you don’t have a job for a particular region but there’s always a chance of getting a job for a region you’ve finished. You can always trash those jobs if you’d like one from another region and I encourage you to trash jobs that ask for too much material or effort for little reward.

  5. Steve, thanks for all the info…

    I’ve been playing for a while, but I can’t seem to grow my population. It seems like I’m missing something, in order to get buildings you need a population of 450 or more I’m at level 29 and stuck at about 280… I upgrade the few buildings I have every chance I get, but it doesn’t seem to impact the overall population.

    I’ve got plenty of coins and gems, but I can’t use them to buy buildings until my population grows.

    I appreciate any advice on this element of the game… I recently got 8th place in the global logistics level and am enjoying the game play – but really seem to be stuck with growing my population.

    Thanks again

    Ty Coon
    Level 29

    • Hi Doug, sorry you’re having trouble with your population growth. You should have at least five buildings on your map at all times, and four of them are eligible to be upgraded. I made a video here about buildings:
      You need materials and probably some plans to upgrade them. I go into it in the video. If you still have issues, please comment here or on the video and I’ll see what I can help with.


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