Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. For me, it’s a time to reflect on the many blessings we have.

I’m thankful that my wife, children and I are all healthy.

I’m thankful that we have a roof over our head, good jobs that provide enough income that we don’t worry about money, and that we have the opportunity to travel and do other things that we enjoy.

I’m thankful that I’ve rekindled my interest in bicycling, to supplement my changing interest in trains. Biking is fun!

I’m thankful that my family supports my weird habits of photographing in the middle of the night, biking for hours around the city, and my many other mannerisms.

I’m thankful that you, dear readers, come here to read my words and see my photos and leave comments and emails.

I wish you all the best.

Now it’s time to get that turkey ready to go in the oven.

4 thoughts on “Giving Thanks”

  1. Just found your site in the book by Terry Gainer “When Trains ruled the rockies ” we are very similar!

    • Hi Arnold! I’m not sure if I should be pleased or scared that someone else is like me 😉 I hope you enjoyed Terry’s book. You might wish to read his book on the Kootenays too!

  2. Steve, you are so right, we all have much to be grateful for. Not just our passion for trains but that we live in this large, beautiful country Canada that we ae blessed to call home.

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