“New” David Othen Videos

I’ve uploaded some “new” David Othen videos to his YouTube channel. These are of course not new – since David died in September 2016 – but they were not previously shared on his channel before. Some of the content is in other videos on the site but these clips are “new”.

Here’s a short (6m 38s) clip showing CN’s RSC-14 locomotives in the Maritimes. These plucky little road switchers roamed branch lines throughout the Maritime provinces, treading gently on light rail that the bigger locomotives couldn’t travel over.

MLW RSC-14 locomotives

Another video I added to David’s channel features the MLW RS-23s used by the Windsor and Hantsport railway. The W&H operated over the former CP Dominion Atlantic Railway (DAR) lines in western Nova Scotia and used a small fleet of these ex CP locomotives. Sadly they were all scrapped and none were preserved to my knowledge.

MLW RS-23s

Finally, here’s a few views of CN 701, the dedicated gypsum train that runs between the Milford mine and the port at Wright’s Cove in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This train has an interesting variety of power and usually keeps the same locomotives for several days in a row.

CN 701

Check out David’s YouTube channel for many more videos. He was kind enough to share a lot of videos of classic trains we can’t see today.

You can also see David’s web site, archived here.

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