The 2001 Census Cars

When you’re trackside, watching a train roll by, sometimes a car will catch your eye. Sometimes it’s a fallen flag like the Rock Island. Here in Canada – or the US – sometimes you will see a “census car”. The 2001 Census of Agriculture A census is an official count of population or other measures. … Read more

Another Blue Barn in Winnipeg

A visit to the CP Winnipeg yard one evening yielded another “blue barn” sighting. I had heard that a Central Maine & Quebec locomotive had arrived in Winnipeg but I understood it wasn’t very visible. I decided it was worth a trip to the yard. At the east end, a generic GE locomotive was sitting … Read more

Wayback: Overnight in Hillsborough

Salem and Hillsborough 1754

Set your wayback machine to July 14-15, 2006. My wife and two youngest children were away in Winnipeg visiting her relatives, and my oldest son was with his mother, so I was alone for the weekend. Time to volunteer at the New Brunswick Railway Museum! I drove to Hillsborough after work on Friday, July 14. … Read more

More CP Heritage Locomotives

CP 6644 in Winnipeg, July 3 2020

There have been a few more CP “heritage” locomotives visiting Winnipeg over the past few months. Here are the ones that I’ve seen… CP 7013 I was fortunate to catch maroon and gold CP 7013 by the shops in Winnipeg on May 8th. This unit has the “Canadian Pacific” in “script” lettering. Half of the … Read more

Railfanning and Sexism

(clipart from over my image) I’m on a few social networks. On Facebook I’m there for friends and family and trains, and on Instagram I’m mostly there just for trains. Over the past few months, I’ve heard of a lot of “men” being pigs toward female railfans. We need to be better than that. … Read more

Canada Day and Railway Porters

Canada and the Flag on a railway car

I hope all Canadians enjoyed their Canada Day in this unprecedented year. Between the coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter protests, the Wet’suwet’en pipeline protests and allied rail blockades… it’s been turbulent. I don’t think the latter half of the year will be all sunshine and rainbows, either. But we’ll get through it. We are Canadians, … Read more

New Book! Three Days in February

I’ve written a new book! Three Days in February is a compilation of three days of railfanning in February 2020. It features photos and details from railfanning CN and CP and CEMR over the long weekend. Buy it on Amazon Canada | Amazon US You might think of this book as one really long blog … Read more

Considering a New Video Camera

I’m thinking about getting a new video camera. Why? I’ve been recording a lot of video over the past few years and posting it on my YouTube channel. For aerial video I’ve been using my DJI Mavic Air drone, and recently I acquired an inexpensive Akaso EK7000 for close-to-the-ground / novelty shots. However, my main … Read more

A Blue Barn Visits Winnipeg

CMQ 9021 Winnipeg 20200619 SLB-8

Back in 1988, Canadian Pacific Railway received the first of 25 SD40-2F locomotives. These locomotives were the only new locomotives delivered in the “Action Red” scheme, and were unique to CP. They were essentially SD40-2 locomotives with a cowl body instead of the usual “hood” that SD40s had. They were quickly dubbed “red barns” by … Read more

Remembering CP 1530

Canadian Pacific Railway used to have a fleet of EMD GP7 and GP9 road switcher locomotives. These engines were built in the 1950s and operated all over CP’s system for many years. Despite being remanufactured, they reached the end of their useful life and most were scrapped. Some provided parts for today’s GP20C-ECO locomotives. Andy … Read more