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I embraced digital photography as soon as I could. As a computer geek, I like digital things and I am comfortable working with image files and virtual folders and image editors. I never learned how to develop film.

The downside of digital photography is that you hardly ever hold your images in your hands – outside of the memory card, that is. Your images are shown on screens but they don’t “live” anywhere. They exist only as fleeting glimpses, scrolled quickly past.

Recently I’ve started printing some of my favourite photos.

Night photos printed in a book
Inside a photo book

A certain mega retailer has a photo centre that sends out promotional emails with free offers… such as a free photo book, 5×7 photos, a poster, or postcards. I’m not a fan of this giant retailer but I like free stuff, so I take their offers and print things. I really like the photo books, 20 photos in a compact little book.

Postcards showing trains at night

I also had a gift code from when I wrote a post about Redbubble. I used it to buy three notebooks using my photos on the covers, and a few postcards.

This notebook is what I am currently writing in. I really like having a notebook around to write random thoughts in. I’ve been using it as part diary, part idea book, and partly for exercises from the BJ Fogg book Tiny Habits that I’m currently reading.

I intend to print some more of my photos to put on the walls here in my train room. I’ve had my calendars on the wall in the past, but I don’t have one up this year.

These prints and paintings are not mine – this is my “others’ wall”. The tram painting on the right is my newest acquisition, from our recent trip to Portugal… I’ll have to write about that soon

I really enjoy seeing my photos in print – either in magazines, books, or just in my own room, or in my own hands.

Print it!

4 thoughts on “Print It!”

  1. Print it is good advice. I have printed a few of my own just to see how they look. I framed a few and gave away most of them.

    I have a big screen tv and used it to view photos.

  2. What a great idea. This is something I have been mulling over for years. Most of my hard copy photos go to my nephew. I print off my best shots and donate them to him as he has a large train photo album, supplied mostly by me.


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