Thanking My Blog Partners

I want to take a moment to thank my “blog partners”, other railway bloggers who have linked to my site, either in their sidebar or in their blog posts. I appreciate the referrals and here I would like to pay it back.

Looking at my statistics, I see four different sites that have sent people my way in the past month (in alphabetical order):

  • 30 Squares of Ontario
  • The Beachburg Sub
  • Trackside Treasure
  • White River Division

30 Squares of Ontario

J.D. Lowe’s eclectic 30 Squares of Ontario features many articles on modeling, prototype railroading, and whatever else he chooses to write about. It has a great variety of topics with an specialization on the work of the late E. L. Moore.

The Beachburg Sub

Michael’s blog The Beachburg Sub is on indefinite hiatus, but it keeps sending people here anyway! Browse through the archives to find some great photos and words on railways in and around Ottawa.

Trackside Treasure

Eric Gagnon’s venerable Trackside Treasure has been an inspiration to me in many ways. I switched to more long form blog posts based on Eric’s work – great artists steal, right? – and I really enjoy his deep dives into various topics from 1:1 scale railroading down to the annual porch layouts he makes.

White River Division

The prolific White River Division blog is the product of George Dutka and friends, who write about prototype and model railroading in its many forms. One key feature of this blog is excellent modeling, with lots of great photos.

6 thoughts on “Thanking My Blog Partners”

  1. I hope to remain like someone awaiting their sainthood…venerable yet not venerated! Oh, and also not yet dead and awaiting beatifucation.

    Thanks for your partnership, Steve! JD is the definition of eclectic, like Chris Mears. We gotta get Michael H. back, all in due time. And George and the boys are also good at covering 1:1 plus 1:87!


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