Trams in Milan, 1973

I happened to see a quartet of Milanese tram slides for sale on an online auction site a few months ago. I submitted the minimum bid and, lo and behold, I won. I guess there isn’t much competition for this type of slide!

All of the slides are dated 1973 but have no other markings. The lead tram slide shows #5119. According to Wikipedia this series was retired in 1986.

Tram in Milan, 1973
Tram 1591 in Milan

I have no idea where in Milan these were photographed but they all seem to be in the same area.

Trams in Milan, 1973
Tram 1766 and others in Milan

I love these old slides, not just for the trams but also for the old automobiles and signs.

Green tram in Milan, 1973
Tram 1523 in Milan

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2 thoughts on “Trams in Milan, 1973”

  1. Hello, Steve;

    I have a pretty extensive collection of 35MM photos taken with my Pentax and Nikon cameras so reasonably good quality and although I know where and when they were taken, I never took the time to document them. I now see this as a huge mistake and will try to catch up and list them. Thanks for the wake up call. And these slides are interesting; wonder what types of tram we are seeing, when they were made & where.

    • I wish I had documented my film photos better too! I have some notations but I have to do some cross-referencing to identify when they were taken. We’re never going to have perfect documentation but there’s always room for improvement.

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