Visiting Uno

The largest and longest train bridge in Manitoba is the CN trestle at Uno on the Rivers subdivision. Today, the bridge at Uno is a 1533′ steel trestle bridge. It is the third bridge, replacing:

  • The original wooden trestle, built in 1907 and destroyed by tornado on September 2, 1915
  • The second trestle, built in 1915 and replaced in 1929

I visited Uno in the evening of April 19, 2017. I had been touring grain elevators in the area, and decided that I had time to visit Uno. I arrived at 8:30 PM as the light was rapidly failing.

As I drove as far down as I could, without trespassing, I heard a train approaching. What luck!

Soon a westbound potash train started snaking around the distant hill and across the span.

With the dim ambient light, I decided to do a little panning.

This was “back in the day” when it was more typical to see a solid train of one company’s potash cars. Since the Agrium-PotashCorp merger that created Nutrien, one usually sees a more mixed bag of potash cars in a train.

Here’s the video I took:

After that excitement, I returned to the crossing just west of the trestle to take one more photo.

Uno’s Train Station

Black and white photo of small train station with sign marked "UNO". Two railway workers are standing by the station with a velocipede visible.
Undated photo of the train station in Uno, Manitoba

After I wrote this post, a commenter on my Traingeek Images Facebook page (hi Thomas!) mentioned there used to be a train station at Uno. I looked in my photo catalog and I happened to have two images of the Uno train station. I have no information on the photos.

Note the two gentlemen standing by the station in the photo above. The station looks new. I like the velocipede in the background.

Black and white photograph of a CN steam engine stopped at the Uno, Manitoba train station. Several people are talking to the engineer and there is a motorcycle beside the station.
CN 3572 at the Uno, Manitoba train station

The above photo shows CN 3572 stopped at the Uno train station. Someone is having a chat with the train crew and the station’s semaphore is up. I love the motorcycle there beside the train and the station!

CN 3572 was built around 1923 and retired in 1960, so that puts this photo somewhere in that time frame, probably into the 1950s. The station isn’t there now.

Just One More Thing

If you’re looking for more Uno photos, Ian and Bill visited it recently, and Tyler Kowalski made a great photo of Uno that you can see in this post.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Yes we did. Ian and Bill visited the trestle. Unfortunately no trains came out to play while we were there.

  2. Very interesting Steve. I particularly liked the still shot of the Uno signpost and the empty track. I take these type of shots whenever I can and have quite a few now where in 2023, there aren’t even any more tracks.

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