Book Review: The Ontario Northland Railway

The book “The Ontario Northland Railway” by Patrick C. Dorin is an excellent snapshot of the ONR in the mid 1980s. Written by the prolific Dr. Dorin, this book is an affectionate look at the railway that runs from Toronto to Moosonee.

The book is divided into four major sections:

  1. History of the ONR and its predecessor name, the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway
  2. A photo gallery of the ONR’s steam and diesel locomotives
  3. Passenger trains over the network
  4. Freight trains over the network

This book features numerous photographs of the ONR’s equipment and trains, entirely in black and white. There are also numerous tables and excerpts from timetables, including maps of the route and of the major yards like North Bay, Englehart, Cochrane and Moosonee.

I really enjoyed the numerous photos of the ONR’s freight equipment.

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I found this book to be a very enjoyable read. It captures the ONR at a good time, well before the Northlander train was cut in September 2012.

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Just One More Thing

Another book about the ONR I bought recently is the BRMNA book “The Locomotives of the Ontario Northland Railway” by Frank N. Vollhardt. That book is more of a “taste” of the ONR while Dorin’s book goes into considerable detail.

Eric Gagnon wrote a post remembering the Northlander. At the bottom of his post, he linked to a post I wrote about the same thing. I don’t remember writing it but obviously I did!

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Ontario Northland Railway”

  1. I don’t remember linking to your post, but it gave me a chance to go back and see both posts. Not every Dorin book is in my library, but they are and were valuable in their time, before the internet had been invented by Al Gore!

    One Nice Railway!

    • Books still have their use! Not everything is on the Internet (yet) and at least books have been edited…

      One Nice Railway is a much nicer moniker for the ONR than many railways have received. One example I always liked was the Halifax & South Western (H&SW) nickname of Hellish Slow & Wobbly.

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