Book Review: Streamliners

The book “Streamliners: Locomotives and Trains in the Age of Speed and Style” by Brian Solomon is a great overview of streamlined trains, from early examples like the UP M-10000 through the California Zephyr and beyond. Streamliners is up to the usual quality that I have come to expect from Brian Solomon books – well-researched, … Read more

Book Review: Barns of Western Canada

The book “Barns of Western Canada: An Illustrated Century” by Bob Hainstock is a great review of many of the most interesting barns in the area. The photos are great and the captions really tell the story. I’m not really a “barn guy” but I do see a lot of barns while I am driving … Read more

Book Review: Speedway to Sunshine

The book “Speedway to Sunshine” by Seth H. Bramson is an unabashed love letter to the Florida East Coast Railway. The author is the railway’s biggest fan and makes no bones about it. I bought the hardcover version of this book at a local book sale for $3. This is far outside of my normal … Read more

Book Review: When Trains Ruled the Rockies

Terry Gainer’s book, “When Trains Ruled the Rockies”, is part autobiography, part history book, and I recommend it for anyone who likes the CPR, or the Banff area. It’s a great read. (buy it on Amazon) Author Terry Gainer lived in the Banff, Alberta train station from 1948 to 1955 when his father was the … Read more

Book Review: Trackside Newfoundland

Bill Linley has released another book in his “Trackside” series. This one is “Trackside Newfoundland“, featuring his photos from several trips to the Rock. The book is published by Morning Sun Books and is up to their usual quality standards, which is to say excellent. Bill visited Newfoundland several times, starting with an epic railfan … Read more

Book Review: Southern Pacific Railroad

I just finished the book “Southern Pacific Railroad“, another fine work by Brian Solomon. This is part of the MBI Railroad Color History series, published by Voyageur Press in 2007 as the second edition. The book covers the historic Southern Pacific Railroad, from its inception in the mid 19th century through its growth, decline and … Read more

Book Review: Canadian Pacific Railway

Continuing my trend of reading old railway books, I recently read “Canadian Pacific Railway” by Patrick C. Dorin. This book was published in 1973, so it is more than a little dated. This 176 page book covers the Canadian Pacific Railway from the confederation of Canada and the tumultuous start of the CPR, through its … Read more