VIA Rail in a Three Way Meet

On August 7, I heard that the VIA Rail “Churchill” * train headed to Winnipeg had a 40th anniversary unit leading the train. With the current schedule, it would have come into Winnipeg at 13:45, during my working hours. After checking its forecast arrival time using the VIA Rail tracker site, I found it was … Read more

Railway Days 2018

Every year, the Winnipeg Railway Museum hosts Railway Days, with admission by donation. I dropped by on Sunday, September 16 to see Railway Days 2018 and what was new with the museum. The big news is the new locomotive simulator, “CN 9633”. CN 9633 This simulator (OSCAR-4) taught many engineers at the CN training centre … Read more

CN Car Control Manual – 1983/10 – Moncton, Saint John, Oromocto etc.

CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS MONCTON, SAINT JOHN, SUSSEX, HAVELOCK, OROMOCTO, NASHWAAK & CENTREVILLE SUBS CAR CONTROL TERRITORYThis book is for the information and guidance of Yardmasters, Yardmen, Foremen, Enginemen, Conductors and Yard Office staff. It is the property of the Railway and is to be returned on request. ISSUED TO: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ISSUED BY: General … Read more